maandag 3 januari 2011

Burlesque (2010)

Burlesque is a new, fresh movie starring two pop icons. Tess (Cher) is the driven owner of a club called Burlesque in Los Angeles, that is about to break. Banks won't loan her money and she needs something new to attract visitors. Than the young and talented Ali (Aguilera) comes by and she wants to be a dancer. After a couple times asking Tess to give her a chance to be on the stage. Nikki, one of the dancers shows up right before a show, drunk and Tess sends her home. Ali has to take the place of Nikki and Nikki disagrees. She sabotages the preforming that Ali is giving by cutting off the sound. Ali suddenly starts to sing and the crowds go wild. Tess gives Ali the opportunity to be the main act of the evening. She writes a show around Ali, based on her singing. In the end Tess didn't make enough money off it and threatens to break again. When she is about to sell the club to Marcus, a real estate investor, Ali finds out that Marcus wants to build a skyscraper on the location of the club. Tess eventually gets a loan by a bank and the club can keep the doors open, thanks to Ali.

You shouldn't expect deep thoughts, watching this movie, it was entertaining though. I liked the story, I just expected a little bit more of it, but for a Sunday evening movie it was more than enough. The singing was absolutely delightful to listen to. Christina Aguilera and Cher are both great singers, and Aguilera pulls of an amazing dancing performance. If you want a light-hearted comedy, this is absolutely recommended!


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